Staff of the NAM

The following persons are currently working at the NAM; alumni are listed at the bottom of the page.

This list gives a short description of their activities and responsibilities as well as contact information. Personnal web pages are provided via the People @ EPFL Project, when available.


Olivier J.F. MartinProf. Olivier J.F. Martin, Director of the NAM laboratory
Professor of nanophotonics and optical signal processing
Office: ELG240, Tel: +41-21-693.26.07 (direct), +41-21-693.47.46 (PA)
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Beatrice RaballBeatrice Raball, Administrative assistant
Office: ELG241, Tel: +41-21-693.47.46
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Christian SantschiDr. Christian Santschi
Responsible for lab operations and micro-nanofabrication
Office: ELG236, Tel: +41-21-693.69.02
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Toralf ScharfDr. Toralf Scharf, Senior Scientist
Microsystems optical engineering and Metrology
Office: ELG237, Tel: +41-21-695.42.86
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Jérémy Butet Dr. Jérémy Butet, Scientist
Non linear plasmonics
Office: ELG239, Tel: +41-21-693.11.93
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Madasamy ThangamuthuDr. Madasamy Thangamuthu, Scientist
Plasmonic heterogeneous photocatalysis
Office: ELG235, Tel: +41-21-693.24.55
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Karim Achouri Dr. Karim Achouri, Scientist
Optical metasurfaces
Office: ELG238, Tel: +41-21-693.68.75
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Debdatta Ray Debdatta Ray, PhD student
Hybrid plasmonic sensors with a high figure of merit
Office: ELG231, Tel: +41-21-693.11.92
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Mintae Chung Mintae Chung, PhD student
Optical trapping and maniplation
Office: ELG241
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Marco Riccardi Marco Riccardi, PhD student
Trapping and manipulation of micro/nano-objects
Office: ELG235, Tel: +41-21-693.24.55
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Hao WangHao Wang, PhD student
Semiconductor Plasmonics
Office: ELG235, Tel: +41-21-693.24.55
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Kuang-Yu YangKuang-Yu Yang, PhD student
Nonlinear plasmonics
Office: ELG239, Tel: +41-21-693.11.93
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Gabriel David BernasconiGabriel David Bernasconi, PhD student

Office: ELG239, Tel: +41-21-693.11.93
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Michail SymeonidisMichail Symeonidis, PhD student
Characterizing optical metamaterials
Office: ELG231
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Alessandro GrossoAlessandro Grosso, PhD student
Field of research
Office: ELG231, Tel: +41-21-693.11.92
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Raoul KirnerRaoul Kirner, External PhD student
Micro-optical multi-aperture imaging systems
Office: ELG237, Tel: +41-21-695.42.86
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Sebastian MaderSebastian Mader, External PhD student
Plasmonics for Foil applications
Office: ELG231, Tel: +41-21-693.11.92
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Kévin MüllerKévin Müller, External PhD student
Dielectric metasurface
Office: ELG237, Tel: +41-21-695.42.86
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Giorgio QuarantaGiorgio Quaranta, External PhD student
Up-scalable patternings of sub-wavelength planar optics
Office: ELG237, Tel: +41-21-693.68.71
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Dong Cheon Kim Dong Cheon Kim, PhD Student
Design and simulation for diffractive optics
Office: ELG231, Tel: +41-21-693.11.92
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Jeonghyeon Kim Jeonghyeon Kim, PhD Student
Optical trapping
Office: ELG235, Tel: +41-21-693.24.55
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Maryam Yousefi Maryam Yousefi, PhD Student
Diffractive optics and Talbot imaging
Office: ELG231, Tel: +41-21-693.11.92
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Hsiang-Chu Wang Hsiang-Chu Wang, PhD Student
Metasurfaces and Nano Optics
Office: ELG238, Tel: +41-21-693.68.75
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  • Chen Yan (PhD student, January 2013 - November 2017)
  • Xialong Wang (PhD student, March 2013 - January 2018)
  • Raziman Thottungal (PhD Student and Post-Doc, June 2012 - October 2017)
  • David Desscan (Systems Manager, October 2008 - June 2017)
  • Friedrich Daniel Werdehausen (Trainee, January 2017 - May 2017)
  • Azrul Azwar (Visiting PhD student, April 2016 - April 2017)
  • Robert Julius Wolke (Trainee, - April 2016)
  • Shourya Dutta Gupta (PhD Student, June 2010 - April 2015)
  • Banafsheh Abasahl (PhD Student, September 2009 - May 2014, Post-Doc, May 2014 - January 2015)
  • Dr Nicolas Volet(Academic guest, May 2014 - January 2015)
  • Dr Weihua Zhang (visiting Professor, summer 2014)
  • Krishnan Thyagarajan (PhD Student, 2014)
  • Andrea Lovera (PhD Student, 2014)
  • Alok Ji (Exchange Student from India, 2013)
  • Arash Farhang (PhD Student, 2013)
  • Dr Guillaume Suarez (Post-Doc, 2012)
  • Benjamin Gallinet (PhD Student, 2012)
  • Alejandro Portela Otano (visitor, 2012)
  • Dr. Nicolas le Thomas (scientific collaborator, 2011-2012)
  • Prof. Pierre Jacquot (Adjunct professor, 2003-2012)
  • Pierrette Paulou-Vaucher (secretary, 2005-2012)
  • Dr. Sébastien Equis (PhD Student / Post-Doc, 2006-2011)
  • Sergio Allegri (PhD student, 2011)
  • Dr. Simon Rivier (Post-Doc, 2010-2011)
  • Andreas Kern (PhD student, 2008-2011)
  • Andres Barbosa (master student, 2010)
  • Andrea Splendiani (PhD student, 2009-2010)
  • Lina Huang (PhD student, 2006-2010)
  • Dr. Paul Dawson (visiting Professor, Queen's University Belfast, 2010)
  • Daniele Brunazzo (external PhD student, 2008-2009)
  • Prof. Ying Gu (visiting professor, Peking University, 2009)
  • Dr. José Dintiner (post-doc, 2008-2009)
  • Holger Fischer (PhD student, 2004-2008)
  • Sébastien Halouze-Lamy (system manager, 2004-2008)
  • Xinxin An (master student, 2008)
  • Stefano Meliga (master student, 2008)
  • Prof. Joshua Le-Wei Li (visiting Professor, National University of Singapore, 2008)
  • Dr. Alexandre Kireev (post-doc, 2005-2008)
  • Jean Gramiger (technician, 2003-2007)
  • Pascal Morel (technician, 2003-2007)
  • Elodie Lamothe (master student, 2007)
  • Claudio Dellagiacoma (master student, 2007)
  • Dr. Sergei Sidorenko (PhD student, 2003-2007)
  • André Christ (post-doc, 2005-2007)
  • Dr. Raquel Gómez Medina (post-doc, 2005-2007)
  • Dr. Gaëtan Lévêque (post-doc, 2005-2007)
  • Antonello Nesci (post-doc, 2004-2007)
  • Prof. S. Anantha Ramakrishna (visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 2006)
  • Dr. Norik Janunts (post-doc, 2004-2006)
  • Prof. Raphael Ruppin (visiting Professor, 2004)