Open Positions at the NAM

We are currently looking for talented and motivated collaborators with the following profiles.

If you are interested by one of these positions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the framework of an ambitious European project in which we are developing a large research program on the utilization of optical forces in plasmonic systems to control self-assembly at the nanoscale.

Plasmonic trapping (post-doc)

Several post-doc positions are available for leading our experimental effort in plasmonic trapping. We are seeking enthusiastic collaborators with proven scientific record in the field of optical tweezers, plasmonic trapping, optical forces, nanotechnology and surface chemistry.

Requirements: Completed PhD with a solid publication record. Good sense of physics and creativity, ability to focus on a project and to work within a very international team.

Nonlinear plasmonics (post-doc)

Nonlinear plasmonics has been one of our main reserch directions over the last few years. We are looking for a talented post-doctoral fellow to lead this experimental effort.

Requirements: Completed PhD in experimental nonlinear optics (ideally in nonlinear plasmonics), with good publication record. Very solid background in nonlinear optics (emphasis on experiments, but some additional taste for theory also welcome!), ability to lead a small research team. Acquaintance with Coherent systems (Verdi, Mira, Rega, OPA) would be an asset.

Surface chemistry (post-doc)

To support and guide our research efforts in nanoscale sciences, we are looking for acomplished chemists in the fields of surface chemistry, self-assembled polymers, DNA origamy or heterogeneous catalysis.

Requirements: Completed PhD with a comprehensive background in chemistry and a good publication record. Enthusiasm for multidisciplinary research and ability to communicate with other scientists, including physicists (!).