NAM location

This page gives you some instructions on how to find us; we look forward to your visit !

Campus maps:

The Nanophotonics & Metrology Laboratory (NAM) is located on the South-west side of the EPFL campus, as indicated in the image below.

Bird's eye view

Most of our activities are located on the 2nd floor of the building ELG (see map below), the reception is in office ELG-241.

Campus map
Getting there by train and metro...

Lausanne is very well connected to the Swiss and European rail network, including two hourly connections to any major Swiss city, as well as several dayly connections to Paris and Milan. There is only one railway station in Lausanne.

As you exit the train station on the north side (towards platform 1), cross the place and proceed towards the entrance of the Mc Donalds fast-food. On the right you will find the entrance to the metro M2.

You will need a ticket for two zones; it costs SFr. 2.80 and is valid for one hour on the entire network within Lausanne.

Take the metro M2 uphill one station to Flon. There change to the metro M1 (just one level up in the same building), direction Renens.

Get off at the stop marked EPFL (approximately 12 minutes journey from Flon) and make your way to the NAM, following the red path on the above map:

  • Leave the Metro stop via the underpassage (i.e. walk in the same direction as your train);
  • On the other side of the underpassage, take the monumental stairs;
  • Walk along the BM building (where the EPFL center for micro- and nanotechnology is located);
  • Aim slightly towards the right to reach the EL building;
  • Enter the building marked ELA and continue on the same level straight on throught two walkways between different buildings (ELD, ELE);
  • At the end you will be in the building ELG, take the stairs up one floor. The reception is in office ELG 241. car

You should take the Motorway exit UNIL-EPFL, it will take you on the main road from Lausanne to Geneva. You will pass the Rolex learning center on your right (stoning building in the shape of a wave) and just after, you will see long black concrete blocs marked with the EPFL logo and several red displays. Enter the EPFL campus by turning right at the roundabout and following the blue path on the map above; go straight at the next roundabout and turn left into the ELH building. Our builiding is the next one.

Public parking is available under the information or under the Rolex learning center (both marked with a blue P on the map above). taxi

A taxi from Lausanne center to EPFL costs about 25 Swiss Francs. Ask the driver to drop you at the Taxi station 990, which is just next to our builging (marked with the purple TAXI on the map). Then walk to our building.