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Welcome to the website of the NAM !

I am delighted to welcome you to the Nanophotonics and Metrology Laboratory (NAM) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne(EPFL). The main focus of our research is nanophotonics: the study of the interaction of light with structures smaller than the wavelength, with special emphasis on plasmonics: the optics of metallic nanostructures. We pursue a very comprehensive research that includes modelling, nanofabrication and optical characterization. Applications of our work include the development of novel biosensing techniques, nonlinear plasmonics, optical metamaterials, as well as the fundamental properties of plasmonic nanostructures.

Please check our news and publications pages for recent research results. The NAM contributes also to several teaching programs at EPFL including photonics, electrical engineering, micro-engineering; and we offer a broad variety of lectures and student projects.

I do hope that you will find interesting and useful material on this site, please do not hesitate to give me your feedback.

Olivier J.F. Martin

Latest news

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    Producing floating images with a grating

    21.08.15 In a collaboration with the CSEM, we have introduced a new concept for generating visual effects with metallized gratings. Shadow evaporation of aluminum onto dielectric gratings is shown to produce ...

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    Are you at risk for cardiovascular diseases?

    07.07.15 Homocysteine (HcySH) is a potential biomarker of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) including hypertension, coronary heart diseases, stroke and atherosclerosis resulting from the abnormalities in lipoprotein metabolism, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. ...

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    Cavity-coupled plasmonic device with enhanced sensitivity

    01.07.15 Using full-wafer processing, we demonstrate a sophisticated nanotechnology for the realization of an ultrahigh sensitive cavity-coupled plasmonic device that combines the advantages of Fabry-Perot microcavities with those of metallic nanostructures. ...